Tu pac

2pac Tupac Shakur Artwork  Painting by Sheraz A

2pac Tupac Shakur Artwork Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Sheraz A

This is one of the outfits he wore in the Brenda's Got a Baby video.   Timberland jacket.   Shoes Clark's, Sperry???

Tupac Shakur born on June 1971 – September 1996 Lesane Parish Crooks; ), also known by his stage names

Tupac Shakur

Tupac Shakur Died from gunshot wounds at the age of 25 Handsome hands down .

3573de0e29a200e2c05b37aaeeab375b.jpg 750×975 pixels

3573de0e29a200e2c05b37aaeeab375b.jpg 750×975 pixels

All eyez will be on him again June 16, 2017!

All eyez will be on him again June What this young Man could have become the possibilities are endless;-)I'm beyond sad at the lost of a intelligent Brother he was smart enough to really make some changes if he had lived longer RIP my Brother;