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Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises

This Periodic Table of Suspension Exercises lists 119 TRX exercises arranged by muscle group and difficulty. Click on any exercise for a video demonstration. Enjoy!


1.20x4 AB TUCKS: bring BOTH knees into your chest at the same time. 2. 20x4 OBLIQUE CRUNCHES: bring BOTH knees to your right elbow> legs out straight> bring BOTH knees to your left elbow. Repeat. 3. 10x4 PIKES: these are certainly not a beginner exercise and can place A LOT of strain on your shoulders, if you cannot do them hold a plank for 4 sets of 30 seconds WHILE separating and closing your legs. 4. 20x4 MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS: bring 1 knee in at then straighten, alternate legs


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