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Be honest, no matter what the harm to yourself. Don't ever be that person who lies no matter what the harm to others.....

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The 15 Hardest "Would You Rather" Questions You Will Ever Be Asked

#inspiringthoughts St. Augustine The truth is like a lion. You don't have to defend it. Let it loose. It will defend itself. #inspirational

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If The Words Don’t Add Up, It’s Usually Because The Truth Wasn’t Included In The Equation

If the words don't add up, it's usually because the truth wasn't included in the equation = simple analogy...x

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38 Amazing Motivational And Inspirational Quotes

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5 Tips for Building Muscle!

...and the fact that everyone else will soon know what a lying, drug addicted loser you are eats you up inside. Are you ready?

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Don’t worry, be happy (15 photos)

or visa versa....hmmmmmm must keep this in much in mind for me as I focus this on some others!!!!!

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Sadly yes. I wanted you to be different but I guess your just like the rest. Use until u get what u want then run away when ur thru

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8 Unseen Evidences — The Art of Self-Growth & Planting Seeds Along the Way.

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