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50 Love Pictures with Quotes

For a while I said I just can't lose you... Then I realized if you weren't willing and able to call me your soulmate and know that I was still the other half of your heart... I had already lost you. How would I ever be able to trust again or feel any certainty that in a month or 6 mos you wouldn't fall back out if love with me again?? The man who pushed so hard to convince me he loved me more than life itself, who argued that he loved me first and so much more, who was desperately afraid of…


I don't think you get it. Her guard is up, but that's what naturally happens when you've loved with a heart so free and ended up in shackles behind the bars of the betrayal. I don't think you understand that she's just trying to protect her heart from further damage. The women who seem the hardest to love, often deserve it the most. You may not understand, but I do.


We are not B. We are not jaded. We are protective of our hearts. Be a part of the problem or the solution. You choose.


. True and unfortunately there are men who prey on their victim her kindness, her love, the way she would do anything for him. He just can't believe someone could be so sweet so he will ask a "female" who make up lies about her all in a sic game they think is funny "did you see her crying? You are worth so much more and deserve the beautiful life!


the person who breaks it again with no second thought is the darkest of all evil after having let her trust again - Broken hearted? Will your heart be repaired? Mend it here...