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Here's an idea....I think all those Vile Trump Supporters need to enrol in "Trump University" They all need to pay that $30,000 fake tuition to help pay for Trumps lavish lifestyle too!! Bet they'll graduate even more Stupid than they are now.


Pinner: Don’t let TRUMP AMERICA be the next TRUMP UNIVERSITY Trump University: Yes, It Was a Massive Scam - National Review How Bad Are the Charges Against Trump University? Really bad. - Fortune What Trump said under oath about the Trump University fraud claims — just weeks ago - The Washington Post Donald Trump Admits in Deposition That He Never Vetted His “Hand-Picked” Instructors - Gawker

from The New Yorker

Trump University: It’s Worse Than You Think

Thieving Trump stealing from Students... Who's Next America!! Trump University: It’s Worse Than You Think - The New York

Yes, for raping a (then) 13 year old girl, & for the RICO charges involving him making $4,000,000 on his fake Trump University, for starters..........

It does make you wonder about morals. They would rather have this jerk be a horrible president just so they don't lose.

from The Daily Beast

75 Lawsuits Against President-Elect Trump

An astounding number of court battles—from Trump University suits to libel cases—will accompany Trump even as he moves into the White House.

from the Guardian

Trump University 'playbooks' offer glimpse of ruthless business practices

More than 400 pages of released Trump University files describe how staff should target financial weaknesses to sell high-priced real estate courses