How to become hot by Jackson Wang (but i would definitely say this oh my god

I imagine all asian guys just starting eat rice for every meal. Even in America. Their mom: "you want some veggies with ur rice?" Boy: "no, Jackson said to become hot I have to just eat rice.

Famous Michael Jackson Quotes - Page 5

Famous Michael Jackson Quotes - Page 5 [ "Famous Michael Jackson Quotes - Page 5 [ \"Spoken by a artistas and a humble man who truly loved the World and the

ahh what would we do without Dionysus...  Peter...  Pierre...  Percy!

You will only get this if u are a fellow Percy Jackson nerd! Why is this purple? If you are a true Percy Jackson fan, you will know why I asked this

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17 Reasons Being The Oldest Sibling Is The Goddamn Best

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MY reaction... When I hear someone mention Buffy The Vampire Slayer within a 1 mile radius. ;-) #BtVS Remarkable stories. Daily

MY reaction. When I hear someone mention Harry Potter or Star Wars within a 1 mile radius.

These are MADE to ORDER and READY to ship in 1-2 weeks but are usually ready in 5 business days. If you need these by a certain date just convo.

Im sorry I can't go out. I've got a Book to read throw pillow cover

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I watched the movie first so I tot it's cool and amazing,, but when i read the book. I learned that the movie sucks.

Very Polite #lol #haha #funny

One wishes to acquaint your facial features with a fundamental item used in building walls.

This incredible act:

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