Tropical backyard play

Landscape Tropical Style Design, Pictures, Remodel, Decor and Ideas >>>>>good idea of how I'd like HPG deck to look!

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En plein été, les fortes chaleurs (au-delà de 30°C) prolongées sont désignées par le mot "canicule" depuis l'Antiquité en référence à une étoile. Il s'agit en effet de Canicula, aussi appelée Sirius. Le lien entre cet astre et la chaluer a été établi par les Romains, qui avaient constaté qu'il était visible uniquement en été, entre la fin juillet et la fin août.

I'd want more space for Elason to play in the courtyard but I like the outdoor retreat feeling for her in the middle of the city. Nature (and open floor plan) is the main reason we want this house. -Beth

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Like Music ... "It is free art gushing forth, an open-air art boundless as the elements, the wind, the sky, the sea ... Music is the expression of the movement of the waters, the play of curves described by changing breezes. There is nothing more musical than a sunset ..." - Claude Debussy

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Brilliant. I love a palm ceiling fan blade- what an easy way to upgrade! From

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Tropical rainforest inside the Eden Project of Cornwall..16 Places You'll Hardly Believe Are In The United Kingdom

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Tresco Abbey Gardens, Scilly Isles, UK | A superb Sub-Tropical Garden (7 of 12) by ukgardenphotos, via Flickr, due to it's mild climate sub tropical plants flourish

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