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10 Cheap, Fun, Romantic Valentine's Day Ideas that are Simple and Adorable

John William Waterhouse -- Tristram and Isolde. 1916. From: 120 Great Victorian Fantasy Paintings

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Tristan und Isolde

Brighid - Celtic Goddess of hearth and home, fertility, smithcraft, and healing…

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WOW - What an amazing depth David Hockney achieved here! I love the tree which feels traditional but has an abstract leaf structure. The lighting design is spectacular as well. Tristan and Isolde set, designed by David Hockney, Los Angeles, 1987 - Opera

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Scene from Tristan and Isolde at the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, 2008 - Opera

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Losing Self

Wagner, Tristan, acte III, mise en scène Peter Sellars et Bill Viola, 2004-2008

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