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What to Watch: Danganronpa

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Dangronpa: The Animation - Watched the anime, sooo good (should have a second season because at the end of the anime it said see you soon with girl version of the bear...). It's based on the game (two games completely different on my opinion even though I'd never play them...).

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1girl blonde_hair blue_eyes boots bow breasts character_doll cleavage dangan_ronpa doll enoshima_junko hair_ornament knee_boots long_hair monokuma naegi_makoto nail_polish necktie school_uniform simple_background skirt sleeves_rolled_up smile solo starshadowmagician twintails v white_background

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Dangan Ronpa school session! I love how Ishimaru and Oowada are talking through the windows and Fujisaki is holding onto Oowada XD

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