This might convince her to pierce it in a different way!

50 Beautiful Ear Piercings

Pitch fork isn't my style but I like the incorporation of different piercings into one piece of jewelry

This is really cool! Way too many options for my new tattoo.


Trident master Francis Lawrence showing Sam how its done

Trident master Francis Lawrence showing Sam (supposed to be Finnick) how to twirl the thingy

Jason Grace SPQR - definitely want this as a tattoo. Probably less lines, though... And probably with Neptune's trident, instead of Jupiter's eagle

Jason Grace SPQR - definitely want this as a tattoo. And probably with Apollos Lyre, instead of Jupiter's eagle

... have I mentioned lately how much of a book geek I am. and look Bilbo,Percy, Katniss,Harry, and Sherlock.

We dream what we wish to become. LOTR, Percy Jackson, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes Well last night I did dream about Dr.


then I would jump of the cliff to see if I'm a child of Zeus and if I survived that then I'd dig open a dead persons' grave and start stuffing it with McDonalds while I chant in Greek hoping I'm a child of Hades.

OM SHIV by on @DeviantArt - Linked to Extremely Powerful 'Nirvana Mantra' Chants | 432Hz | Chidanand Roopah Shivoham

A WIP of Nataraja, the Lord of the Dance. One of the forms of Shiva. I hope all the research was successful, it's amazing how many parts of the figure have a specific meaning. I'm on a Hindu mythol.

21 Fan-Made "Catching Fire" Movie Posters You Have To See

Catching Fire “Finnick’s Trident” Poster.and yeah Finnick's trident would most like have NOT looked like this one.

Halloween has come & went but I wanted to share my costume.  I went as a mermaid and created the costume myself.  It was quite labour intensive as I’m definitely an amateur sewer, but it actually turned out #success I wasn’t really able to document how I went about sewing the skirt and creating the top, but wanted to share…

I love how this mermaid costume isnt too showy. DIY Mermaid Costume // Fish scales make-up // Shell bra top

Pendant jewel; gold; set with cabochon emeralds; Spain, late 16th century

set with cabochon emeralds; form of hippocamp ridden by small female figure wearing feather diadem and holding trident; body of animal chased with cartouches, enamelled, and set.