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WOW! This has my name on it. Looks like their design is longer for longer torso person like me! YAY! Polka Dot Tri Shorts: SOAS Racing

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How to Dress for Cold Bike Rides | What to Wear | Bike Style | Liv Cycling
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13 Bodyweight Exercises For Triathletes

For most triathletes, "life" often gets in the way of training. Personal commitments, unexpected meetings and appointments, and travel can derail workout plans. When you're short on time or unable to get to a gym, your strength routine may become the first sacrificed workout of the day. But it doesn't have to be. The following routine provides a full-body workout (without any e…

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FINALLY women's cycling clothing that looks AND feels great! Our women's cycling jerseys, cycling shorts, capris, and pants are perfect for indoor or outdoor cycling! The bold patterns and designs will be sure you stand out in all the right ways!

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HUUB Core Triathlon Shorts - Mens Black

HUUB Core Triathlon Shorts - Mens Black from HUUB Design

HUUB Core Triathlon Shorts - Mens Black/Red

HUUB Core Triathlon Shorts - Mens Black/Red from HUUB Design

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The infamous chamois pad! Make sure theres nothing between you and the pad, apart from chamois cream of course. Buyers Guide: Womens Saddles. Part of it is wearing the right cycling shorts. Tips on what to look for. Visit us @ for the best online cycling store.

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The first of many in WyndyMilla's new 'Collaborations Range'. These award winning Mexican Candy Skulls are designed by Lusy Koror. Lusy recently won the competition for her Mexican Candy Skull fabric design. Unisex 'classic' fit to suit all shapes and sizes. Great match for our 'Classic Black Shorts' and our black or white 'Enjoy Life -Go Cycling' socks.

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HUUB DS Triathlon Shorts - Mens

HUUB DS Triathlon Shorts - Mens from HUUB Design