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The brutal realities of trench warfare spurred development of crude close-quarters stabbers that developed into the American Mark I trench knife. (Illustration by Gregory Proch)

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Custom Trench Knife by Mark Terrel Knives said pinner. Actually have one Carbon Fibre Coated & left handed. My most handy addition to Military Kit.

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Trench Knife WWI 1918 Replica | - Knives & Swords At The Lowest Prices!

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Ok guys check out this set of #badass #knife from #dsktactical. The black one is a must have for my collection. Wonder if I can get him to modify the design? @Regrann from @dsktactical - Trench...

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Original 1918 U.S. WWI/WWII L.F.&C. Mark 1 Trench Knife - NOW WE CAN SPEAK!

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1917 Trench Knife. Later deemed inhumane because the wounds caused by the triangular blade were not easy to close by the field medics, thus resulting in infections in the wounds.

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Trench knife (knuckle knife) design. The grip, blade and pommel are a solid stainless steel weldment with Ash wood.

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