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Money has usually been a struggle for me but not any more. I love money and welcome it into my life

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Inspiration for creating a retreat in a small yard - it's a bit busy for my taste but I love how cozy it is.

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Tree of Life - Live Moss - Tree Terrarium - Fairy Garden - Raku Fired Clay Tree - Dome - Jar - Glow in the Dark Mushrooms - Live - Handmade

ORDER BY 12/12/15 to get this by Christmas! *Customers outside the US order by 11.28.15 This is a truly unique terrarium! It features a hand sculpted

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Takanori Aiba- Living beauty Some see bonsai trees as an art form in themselves, but for Takanori they're just the canvas for incredibly detailed arboreal cities.

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The leaves on my bay tree are fading

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Ashridge Park, Hertfordshire, UK | National Trust Woodlands carpeted with English Bluebells in Spring

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Monday Money Quote: Environment vs Economy

If you really think the economy is more important that the environment, try holding your breath whilst you count your money.

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20 Image Quotes To Share

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top 5 fruit trees to grow in any garden

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Shopping Saturday- Planning a wild garden

"Making things you want out of things you don't!" Tinned Pineapple is made of two crafters who each make our own fun items, and sometimes we get together to work on joint projects! We specialize in upcycling and geekery, but we've been known to do all...

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