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K home school: Science and nature shelf-rooting a variety of things; grass heads, trees transplanted and from seed; praying mantis cases and teeth in addition to baby exploratory stuff.

Flower Bed Ideas for the Front of a House Facing East

How to Make Tree Transplanting Tonic - I need this for my little evergreen tree transplant!

What Type of Hydrangea is This? A Handy Care Guide

Hydrangeas are one of the most beloved plants in our gardens and for good reason—they are gorgeous. Many gardeners have questions about pruning, colour changes (pink or blue), basic care, transplanting, and how to get stubborn ones to bloom. This simple guide describes the 6 basic types of hydrangeas, so you can know which ones you are growing and how to best care for them.


Your 11-Step Guide to Transplanting Trees and Shrubs

I present 5 easy steps in teaching you how to transplant trees and shrubs. Learn how to dig the holes and move the plants; also learn about care after installation.


How to Create a Herbaceous Border on a Budget

curved-herbaceous-border-with-evergreens-and-perennials How to create a herbaceous border on a budget