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How (and When) to Prune Trees

When to Prune Trees- wait until the coldest part of winter has passed, but before vigorous growth starts in early spring.February to March.

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Branch angles are an important factor when pruning for strength. A low angle where the branch meets the trunk is a weak spot. These branches are more susceptible to damage from wind and ice damage. Picture the branch angle as hands on a clock; the ideal angle is a 10 and 2 o’clock configuration or about 45 degrees in relation to the trunk

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How to Prune an Apple Tree

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Espalier Fruit Trees: That's Natty!

Espalier Fruit Trees for our orchard. Espalier = the horticultural and ancient agricultural practice of controlling woody plant growth originally for the production of fruit,by pruning and tying branches to a frame so that they grow into a flat plane, frequently in formal patterns, against a structure such as a wall, fence, or trellis.

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