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Made To Order* I painted this Tree of Light mandala to symbolize the pure energetic life force.The tree takes its nourishment from the earth and turns it into oxygen which is our energy of breath. The energy around trees is amazing. This mandala reminds us that everything on this earth is based on an energetic exchange and the exchange that nature gives us is completely revitalizing.The tree is wise in it takes what it needs and returns even more. This mandala is a beautiful tool for…


The Tree of Sephiroth or Tree of Life - 10 #Divine Energies Activation - To RSVP Free event click [Visit] You've probably seen pictures of the Tree of Life, presented here by Jewish mystical tradition known as Kabbalah, also known by any other #ancient #m


Celtic Tree of Life - carved wood wall art and Tree of Life design by Welsh artist Jen Delyth. From the look of the picture, the knot-work of the intertwining branches was sculpted to look 3-dimensional. And the wood grain is gorgeous as well...


Welsh Lovespoon - Love spoons are traditional Welsh gifts symbolizing love and devotion. She'll cherish the unique, thoughtful nature of this gift.


Tree of Life mandala, tree mandala, spiritual gift, tree of life art, spiritual art, meditation art,sacred geometry, seed of life,pagan