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I gotta have roots before branches, to know who I am before I know who I wanna be; and faith to take chances, to live like I see a place in this world for me.

from Etsy

Tree Of Life IV Fine Art Print

Serena - tree of life- i added this embroidery to show the contrast of the utopian fictional perfection we strive to produce in the west but at what cost? The vibrant strong colours and clear blue background with birds and abundant flowers growing from the tree of life.

from Etsy

Tree Of Life Painting - Large Size - Contemporary Art - Original Impasto Acrylic Painting - Abstract - Gold Blue

Tree Of Life Painting Large Size by ArtonlineGallery on Etsy, $170.00. Pretty. Love the glow of the flowers on the tree


republicj: Your mind puts out a powerful broadcast of energy. It determines how you experience the world and what you create. Your thoughts are magnetic; they go out from you and draw to you those things you think about. Your inner dialogue is important, for the way you speak to yourself determines the events, people, and objects you attract.


Klimt, Tree of Life - Large Fine Art oil on canvas painting - Superb quality and craftsmanship, hand made wall art from Rflkt - transcription of the inspiring work of Gustav Klimt


Tree of Life 'Kalamkari' painting. The 3000 yr old ancient art of painting on fabric using colors derived from plant roots and vegetables. Andhra Pradesh, India.

from Society6

Blues Tree of Life Henna Mehndi Print Art Print

Love this!..needs to be way more asymmetrical...and I could see the Phoenix hiding in the canopy of the tree with nothing but some subtle color to bring it out...The tree done in browns...