Winter twigs and buds - ash, alder, beech, horse chestnut, rowan, hazel, holly, dog rose, hawthorn, sycamore, blackthorn, field maple, birch, elder, oak, lime, lilac, larch, elm

Winter Twig Identification: These are for British trees, but their North American equivalents look similar.

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Common species of trees, shrubs, bushes and climbing plants found in London…

Leaf Key for Tree Identification

Hudson Allergy Tribeca: New York City's street trees may be aggravating yo.

Identifying trees by leaves- my kids wouldn't need to know names but it would be good at a science centre so they can see that there are lots of different types.

Beautiful fall leaf identification charts for Nature Study.

Identifying oak trees by leaves.


Oak (Quercus) common types of oak trees in North America include White Oak, Red Oak, Bur Oak, Pin Oak, and Black Oak

Tree Leaves Identification Poster

Key to Leaves of Virginia Trees. (for use with the tree identification project).