Tree frog sounds

Waxy Monkey Tree Frog ~ They seal in moisture by giving themselves a rubdown with a waxy substance secreted through skin glands

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This tiny tree frog was photographed sheltering under a leaf in East Java, Indonesia. Photograph: Penkdix Palme/Newsteam

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Adorable craft of a red-eyed tree frog with a great book by Joy Cowley. You might also want to read Tree Frog Hears a Sound by Rebecca Johnson with this craft.

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A wild male Pacific tree frog croaks his “ribbit” mating call from a pond in a wooded area near Roseburg, Oregon, 3/25/12. Pacific tree frogs are the most common frog on the west coast of North America. (Photo Courtesy Robin Loznak/National Geographic Your Shot)

The Coqui Tree Frog -The coquí is a tiny little frog endemic to Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands, and the unofficial mascot of the island. You'll find its image everywhere, and you'll hear its song anytime you get closer to nature. And what a voice it has! The frog produces an amazingly clear, high-pitched call that sounds like ... well, "coquí." It is a lovely sound, and part of the magic of Puerto Rico.

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