Dicksonia Antarctica (Australian Tree Fern)

Dicksonia Antarctica (Tasmanian Tree Fern) One of my absolute favs and the most cold hardy of the tree ferns. Did fine under oaks in zone SC coast.

Plant Crush: Meet The Tree Fern

Plant Crush: Meet The Tree Fern

We're in love with Tree Ferns, giant plants with furry trunks and large, feathery leaves that make great houseplants. Here are the basics of tree fern care.

Tom Stuart Smith. The London Garden. His take on an "unruly jungle" in the heart of London.

Beautiful unruly jungle garden design By Tom Stuart-Smith. Kids would love this - An area of planting with snaking footpaths

A micro rain forest of hardy, shade resistant plants in the heart of London

The Reluctant Gardener: Christine's London Oasis


The 10 best plants to get a tropical garden style in Britain

Tropical gardens are becoming increasingly popular in Britain. I think it’s down to their exotic, relaxing mood. It’s like being on holiday, without leaving home. What sets tropical gardens apart is their distinctive mood:

Australian Tree Fern with Begonia - - photographed by Heather Moll-Dunn Landscape and Garden Designer on the Gardens for Connoisseurs Tour around Atlanta

How to justify you really do need a tree fern (when you garden in zone makes for a dazzling mixed container!

Asplenium scolopendrium. Hart's Tongue Fern. Partial to full shade, moist soil.

Partial to full shade, moist soil. This evergreen fern to be used as part of the underplanting of the tree fern.


Tree ferns and ferns create essential Tropical look, and they thrive in some shade.

How to Grow Australian Tree Fern

How to Grow Australian Tree Fern

Tips for growing successful Australian tree ferns and related Cyathea, including advice on watering, leaf-browning, fertilizing and temperature.

You’ll need a little greenery to bring out the brilliant colors in your floral arrangements. Take your pick! Image via Fiftyflowers.com

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California Tree Ferns

There's a cool little stretch in Golden Gate Park called Tree Fern Dell, across the street from the Conservatory of Flowers. It's filled with Australian tree ferns (Dicksonia antarctica) and Giant .