Whenever chickens are suddenly confined to spaces smaller than they ordinarily enjoy, boredom and behavioral problems such as feather picking, and egg-eating can result. By having some go-to boredom busters up one's sleeve in lousy weather, chickens can be kept busy, entertained and happy until Mother Nature gets her act together.

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Homemade suet cakes for chickens take less than 15 minutes to craft (and just pennies), but your hens will devour them! Organic, non-GMO DIY treats for reducing bad behaviors and boosting their heath. Yum!

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Add herbs to nesting boxes to relax chickens and keep critters away: lavender, chamomile, peppermint, eucalyptus, marigold petals, catnip, diatomaceous earth and spearmint

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These girls love melon and will eat it seeds and all, leaving nothing but the thin lace shell of the cantalope

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