Ear infection and hydrogen peroxide bubbles when applied

Earwax is known to be a dirt inside the ear that needs to be removed. But according to science, earwax

My Mom used this on all of his kids especially when I did synchronized swimming !! Loved water ballet & exercises but my ears didn't!! With this remedy my Mom used we never got swimmer's ear .. So glad to see this out there .. I still use it and used it on my own kids! Works great after showers too!(:

Prevent Ear Infections This Summer . . . Make Your Own Swimmer's Ear Drops

Swimmers Ear Drops: Equal parts white vinegar and rubbing alcohol. Drop into ear immediately after swimming - my grandpa used to make this for us. It works!

Here is a simple way to get all of the water out of your ears after swimming! This is not expensive to do and you should have all of the ingredients in your home. This idea came from my doctor and I thought that I should share the idea. I use it every time I go for a swim. I would not use this product if you have an already existing ear infection.

After-Swimming Ear-drops to Prevent Infections

After-Swimming Ear-drops to prevent infections Homemade Swimmers ear drops.From the original pinner: "Recipe provided to me by my childrens' pediatrician. Alcohol dries out the ear and vinegar kills bacteria.

Alternative Home Remedies – Guide To Treat Conditions Naturally fingernail fungus

Alternative Home Remedies – Guide To Treat Conditions Naturally - Recipe for homemade deodorant using witch hazel, vinegar, and some essential oils.

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Note-Do NOT do if you have PE tubes! I would also suggest half hydrogen peroxide and half water to prevent drying out the ear canal. Hot shower water also melts ear wax naturally. I clean ears for a living!

Ear Treatments

Ear Treatments

Hyland's Earache Drops & Tablets are an all-natural way to relieve ear pain that everyone can feel good using. And for good reasons: Rapid relief of earaches due to colds, allergies, and swimmer's ear.

Before I went to Ford this winter, I was fighting the beginnings of a cold. The thought of flying with a head cold to Detroit in the middle of January wasn’t really appealing.  I turned to my tried and true remedy which banishes colds as fast as they show up. And my cold was gone.  My secret? 3% [...]

Hydrogen Peroxide + Ears = Bye to Colds. A Remedy that Works

Hydrogen Peroxide + Ears = Bye to Colds. A Remedy that Works - clicking/bubbly sound in ear from a cold.

EAR SPA--Ear wax, hair, bugs, sand, & bacteria cause itchy gross ears. But, it can be solved by one fun remedy. I have used it all my life, and to my knowledge it is SAFE. It was recommended by my doctor when I was a kid. That guy was prehistoric- so I believe this to be an OLD SCHOOL REMEDY that was forgotten.


Hydrogen Peroxide is the best thing to clear up ear infections, swimmers ear, kills bacteria, and over all cleaning out the ears, ect. I remember my grandma using it on me as a kid. It cleared up a lingering ear infection. Doc wanted to put tubes in.

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SHARING IS CARING! 00000 Avoid Chemicals and Antibiotics and Use This Natural Remedy For Ear Infections This is a really great and powerful home remedy to heal ear infections and help get rid of excess ear wax. Ear infections can be caused by bacteria or viruses in the middle ear, this can be from excessive …

Cholesterol Cure - How to treat an inner ear infection - The One Food Cholesterol Cure

Melrose essential oil for dog's ear infection

Melrose essential oil for dog's ear infection.After Melrose for 4 days. put two drops on a Q-tip and gently swabbed the ear.