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Rachel and Micah about the kidnapping of Ali at the wedding or breaking out Luca from the dungeon

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postbadseries on

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White vanity with pale blue Caesar stone top would look great with this...We love glass tile!

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How Marcus feels compared to Thur. Perhaps brought up during the brother 'heart to heart' scene. Or during a drug trip hallucination. Or a rehab withdrawal scene.

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FEA Nirvana Live Concert Photo T-Shirt

Travis Scott wearing Vintage Nirvana T-shirt, Nick Bhindi Custom Bull Pendant Chain

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The Best Celebrity Street Style From Paris Fashion Week

Loving this outfit from Travis with the LV Supreme tee, fur jacket and and white J's on white denim...clean

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"Samantha!" He cried desperately, taking each flight of steps in two or three leaps. Up and up he flew. "Samantha! Don't open the door! For Gods sake don't open it!" He wailed. He rushed out of the stairwell door and rumbled down the hallway to apartment 207. The place was a skip, a battle of its own had been fought here. And the owner of the room had sadly lost. She was gone. Missing. Andrew fell to his knees and slammed his fists into the floor, littered with shattered glass. He screamed…

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