"love simple symbols like this they make the best tattoos!!" | These words are fun too, my favorites are order and travel, I like the more obscureness of the travel one, rather than the typical symbols of travel - a

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This incorpotrates everything I wanted in my next tattoo, and is very clean and different from my other tattoos. I'm a big fan of changing each tattoo style and this would be beautiful.

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Hand drawn romantic wish jar with night sky and water waves in the sea or ocean . Vector illustration isolated. Tattoo design, mystic magic symbol for your use. Label has a message to travel on it.

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International Morse Code - Phonetic Alphabet Get the dream tech or developer job you have always wanted and travel the world for little to no cost http://recruitingforgood.com/

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This very attractive engraving by William Hole has a design that is based on the work of William Rogers for the smaller sized 1600 printing of Camden's Britannia. Neptune and Ceres flank the central roundel with a map of the British Isles

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