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5 Tips for Planning a Trip to Japan

How to prepare your trip to Japan, from buying a Japan Rail Pass to booking a trip to an owl cafe!

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9 Cities You Have to Visit in Japan

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10 best ways to save money while on a trip to japan infographic
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10 Things To Do In Osaka, Japan

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Japan itinerary: How to get the best out of Japan in 10 days

A 10-day Japan itinerary – including things to do, accommodation, and vegetarian-friendly restaurants.

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The Best Place to See Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo

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Everything you need to know about the Japan Rail Pass

"You need to buy the Japan Rail Pass!" Sounds familiar? So many people have been telling me this in preparation for my trip to Japan. But what is a Japan Rail Pass and do you really need it? Find out everything there is to know about the Japan Rail Pass.

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What to do in Akihabara, Tokyo

If you're in Tokyo, you have to visit Akihabara! It's a crazy neighbourhood full of anime, gaming, electronics and maid cafes. Visit City Cookie for more Japan travel tips.

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Places to Visit in Japan | Where to go in Japan | Rough Guides: Hot springs in the mountains? If that doesn't say pimpin 30th I don't know what would.

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How To Travel In Japan Without Speaking Japanese One of the major considerations with travelling in Japan is the inscrutable Japanese language. But, really, just how difficult is it to travel around Japan when you don't speak the lingo? Well, it probably isn't as big an issue or potential problem as you might fear. So, if you don't speak Japanese and you want to know if you can still explore Japan without the minimum of headaches then read on! CLICK TO READ ARTICLE

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