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Nursing Health Assessment Mnemonics & Tips

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Mnemonic for seizure causes: Vitamin. V: Vascular (strokes, embolic strokes). I: Infections (meningitis, encephalitis). T: Trauma (head injuries). A: AV malformation. M: Metabolic (hypoglycemia, hypoxia, hyponatremia). I: Idiopathic. N: Neoplasms (primary or secondary).

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Strewth, this weather's totally batty! It's not only the humans who have lost their homes in the Australian floods

Baby bats at the Bat Clinic in Advancetown,Australia, which has helped at least 130 baby bats after the wet weather.

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Fidget Book for Alzheimer's and Dementia Patients

A Fidget Item - usually a quilt or apron - has various items and texture patches attached to keep restless fingers busy, touching and playing with the

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NCLEX-RN Exam: Format, Registration Process and Tips

catiewithasea: irony is seeing this two weeks after an interview where they asked me about a time I had to care for a septic patient- I had never cared for a septic patient. I heard crickets after the question…

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Types of Anxiety. PTSD. PD. GAD. SD. OCD. ...(Had another attack today-took an hour and a trip to the pharmacy to calm me down 8-31-12. The real truth is that it came on me so suddenly. I never even saw the warning signs... :( Nothing mattered but my slc.

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