Clay Target Sports Infographic

The Shotgun Clay Target Sports [INFOGRAPHIC

Here’s another informative infographic we did in partnership with the folks at OutdoorHub and the National Rifle Association. If you’ve ever thought about getting involved in the shotgun sports, here’s the place to start!

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I shoot on the Chaska Chan Trap shooting league. I enjoy shooting trap because it is relaxing and fun.

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Sheridan Transit Rod and Gun Club is the ideal trap shooting club

Tips on how to shoot clays

Clay pigeon shooting tips

Over and under shotguns are quite common for clay bird shooting Clay pigeon shooting is quite a fun recreational activity to do with shotguns. It it all depends on the gun you are shooting, the.

Infographics: Shotgun Shooting Stance

Infographics: Shotgun Shooting Stance Infographics: Shotgun Shooting Stance Lean forward, this enables you to control recoil, even after numerous shots.

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