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diegosax: The Imperial march easy Johnn Williams score for Flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, violin, trombone, tenor sax and flute transverse flute, viola, cello, oboe, tuba, flugelhorn, bassoon, baritone, soprano sax, Baritone ... to play with The Imperial March music Sheets Sheet Music Star Wars Music scores


1795 German (Potsdam) Transverse flute. Kirst was one of the foremost German flute makers of his generation. The instrument comes with four exchangeable upper-middle sections to tune the flute in different pitches, and an additional C-foot for the notes c-sharp and c.


Rudall & Rose 5501 based transverse flute, keyless model for Irish music


Professional Transverse Flute in G - Ramos

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Professional Bamboo Chacon Transverse Flute in G (Sol)

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Professional Bamboo Chacon Transverse Flute in G (Sol)

Professional Bamboo Chacon Transverse Flute in G Sol by Alcasami, $33.99


This rare instrument, combining a transverse flute and an oboe in the form of a walking stick, is made of narwhal tusk, a precious material once valued higher than gold and believed to be from the horn of the mythological unicorn

Georg Henrich Scherer | Walking-Stick Flute/Oboe | German | The Met | The upper part of the walking stick is fashioned as a transverse flute & the lower part as an oboe. To play the instrument as an oboe, a double reed must be inserted at the lower end & the one key repositioned.