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diegosax: The Imperial march easy Johnn Williams score for Flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, violin, trombone, tenor sax and flute transverse flute, viola, cello, oboe, tuba, flugelhorn, bassoon, baritone, soprano sax, Baritone ... to play with The Imperial March music Sheets Sheet Music Star Wars Music scores


William Wollaston (1730–1797), ca. 1759 by Thomas GAINSBOROUGH ( 1727 - 1788 London)


Lord Melbourne and the Queen.


1795 German (Potsdam) Transverse flute. Kirst was one of the foremost German flute makers of his generation. The instrument comes with four exchangeable upper-middle sections to tune the flute in different pitches, and an additional C-foot for the notes c-sharp and c.


1813 French Transverse flute in D-flat at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York - From the curators' comments: "Claude Laurent, a Parisian watchmaker and mechanic, invented the technology to produce glass flutes that became an early 19th century novelty. He used lead crystal and other types of glass to make white, cobalt blue, and uranium green flutes."


Le prince George et la princesse Charlotte de Cambridge ont participé, avec leurs parents le prince William et Kate Middleton, à une fête réunissant des enfants de familles de militaires canadiennes le 29 septembre 2016 à la Maison du Gouvernement à Victoria, en Colombie-Britannique, au sixième jour de la tournée royale au Canada.

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transverse flute saxophone flautist wooden Rug by Lineamentum

transverse flute saxophone flautist wooden Rug

Jamie Fraser Outlander 2.05 "Untimely Resurrections"