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Transverse flute leather case bag Leder Querflötentasche


diegosax: The Imperial march easy Johnn Williams score for Flute, alto saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, violin, trombone, tenor sax and flute transverse flute, viola, cello, oboe, tuba, flugelhorn, bassoon, baritone, soprano sax, Baritone ... to play with The Imperial March music Sheets Sheet Music Star Wars Music scores


Transverse flute in D-flat, glass and brass, French, 1813 [3811x3049]

Medieval and Renaissance Instruments: The Transverse Flute (German Flute)


THE DAILY PIC: I spotted this 16th-century French woodcut in a display of prints recently acquired by the Metropolitan Museum in New York. I love the way later Renaissance art sometimes manages to blend sophistication and refinement with a crude and bold energy. [...] This stylish picture is a perfect match for its subject, a boldly-dressed woman playing the newly fashionable transverse flute, a “German” innovation just then beginning to compete with the less assertive recorder.


Rudall & Rose 5501 based transverse flute, keyless model for Irish music