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Glass hopper: The astonishing transparent frogs of Costa Rica's cloud forest

A glass frog, photographed in the Monteverde cloud forest in Coast Rica by cabin attendant and photographer Nic Reusens.

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maravillosa naturaleza!!! (cosas extrañas)

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Louis Daguerre and the pioneers of photography

‘Frosche in Bauch und Ruckenlage’ (Frog on Back and Front) Josef Maria Eder X-ray Collection of National Media Museum An image from the very early days of X-ray photography.

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Glass Frog: (Centrolenidae Hyalinobatrachium) have pigment-less skin that allows their internal organs to be seen clearly

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Resin Transparent Green Earrings with Frog on green Leaf Shadow of the Frog on leaf Epoxy Jewelry Craft Gift for Her Dangle Earrings

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I absolutley love this texture, It's similar to what i've seen produced when plastic is melted in the heat press. I think melted plastic would work really well for exaggerating the males body.

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