Hiraeth (n) A Homesickness for a Home to Which You Cannot Return, a Home Which Maybe Never Was; The Nostalgia, The Yearning, The Grief for the Places of Your Past...

When You Love-Hate the Place You’re From

a Welsh word which has no literal translation. it's more of a feeling than a word. I love this. Even the definition of a word can be poetry.

Quote written in welsh language translated to English. Lovely

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I'm am laughing wayyy too hard right now...

The welsh word is popty ping? What am I doing calling it a microwave?

A home which maybe never was

The 2017 Blogging Ideas to Grow your Audience.

childhood words Home submission nostalgia past definitions h welsh grief personal favorites noun otherwordly other-wordly yearning strange words lost places your past hiraeth harry d. this word is amazing

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14 Brilliant Welsh Words The World Needs To Start Using

14 Brilliant Welsh Words Everyone Needs To Start Using

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Rhiannon, the Welsh Horse Goddess