This is a classic Polish cookie that my mom and Bushia used to make at Christmas time.  Ive found that this is a really hard dough to work with, but it is from the original Polish recipe translated into English.  These are not really sweet cookies, but they get most of their sweetness from the powdered sugar on the outside.

Polish Angel Wings-Chrusciki

МК Тычинки для цветов..


thread through the pva dry stretched on box then cut into correct length dip in starch + equal pva and colour dry n 15 min can dip again.

Orange cube Delicacy -  fluffy sponge cake with flavors of orange ( with the addition of orange peel ) soaked in orange juice . With a thick layer of orange jelly and chocolate sauce. - Recipe in Polish, use google translate to translate to english! -

"JAFFA CAKE" CAKE ~~~ the mcvitie jaffa cake is a beloved crazy delicious united kingdom biscuit of three layers: a genoise sponge base a layer of orange jelly a coating of chocolate.