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"The struggles of being bilingual: Knowing what a words means in one language but not able to translate it literally to the other language (Or that's just me)"

#为漫威工作#@漫威影业 重在参与(家底都翻出来了)。。。漫画还未发表所以只取了一些动作镜头

#为漫威工作#@漫威影业 重在参与(家底都翻出来了)。。。漫画还未发表所以只取了一些动作镜头


Your new student doesn't speak English. Here is a resource that will enable your student to use basic survival sentences in class. The sentences are translated into various other languages so that your newcomer may easily find the English sentence that matches to their native language.***This resource will help students who are literate in their native language.*** Languages the sentences are translated into are:-Spanish-French-Chinese-Korean-Vietnamese-ArabicTake a look here at a…


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