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I found this on Facebook and I hope you can all see what the artist is getting at

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Ftm transgender

Me... ("Ftm transgender" by meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring art) More

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This photo is very powerful. It shows a woman standing naked against a wall while holding up a photo of a man's chest to her own. She was born a female, but feels like a male. Unfortunately she is trapped in a body that tells everyone she is female, but she does not want to feel this way. This is one of my favourite photos that I found during the course of this assignment

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Dear awesome trans peeps: If you want to look more masculine/feminine here's how to do it!

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You think what you say doesn't matter? Bullying is real. #LGBT #Transgender #Bullying

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Love how it states "Feel" Masculine. You do 't have to present yourself in a masculine way to validate your gender. You can wear dresses and still be a boy.

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