** disclaimer** transgendered isn't a proper word but the point is still clear. Dear transphobic parents. Remember when you got asked if the baby was gonna be a boy or girl and you said you didn't care? Why do you care now when your kid is transgendered?

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I think it Gay Quote time Gay Pride - Gay Love - Gay Boys - Gay Girls - LGBTQI - Lesbian - Bisexual - Transgender - Trans - Questioning - Queer - intersex - gender - androgyny - genderqueer - genderfucked - mardigras - equality

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Of course, since I am. .......>>>I would even if I weren't gender fluid,just like I do all the others, support the men,and the women who are not treated as humans because they aren't "normal", support transgenders,asexuals,homosexuals,and EVERYONE IN BETWEEN. Support our people,because we're all we have left. Why must we live our lives in hate,when we could live much happier,in love. If a child can understand,why can't you?

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I am not transgender. But I am a strong supporter of everyone being happy in their own skin, no matter what they have to do to be happy. As long as whatever they're doing is not hurting anyone, then leave them to it and work on your own happiness.

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