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For more fitness motivation: in-pursuit-of-fitnessFor healthy...

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Transformations Resource

The students created Transformation Cubes in order to take notes on the four types of transformations in math (dilation, rotation, reflection, and translation). Each side of the foldable has the de...

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Art & Math: Turn & rotate

Ex: draw your first initial in quad 1, translate it to quad 2, reflect it, rotate it, etc

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heart 5 Interactive Cartesian Coordinates. This is a great tool to learn about the coordinate grid. It can label the quadrants, plot ordered pairs, draw lines between points, and can be used to show transformations in math--like a reflection over the x axis.

Thinking Maps :: I began using these last year with great results! We loved using them to organize our thinking and they became an important part of our classroom toolkit. I'm looking forward to using them from the start this year.

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