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MEN AND WOMEN can be victims of sexual assault. Let's break the stigma surrounding male sexual assault and to share pain, and more importantly to share power!

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Transgendered individuals deal with increased harrassment and violence, adding up to an astounding one murder every three days.

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Don't constrict yourself with labels and do what makes you happy. CLOTHES AND HAIR AND VIDEOGAMES AND MAKEUP DONT HAVE GENDER. And sometimes neither do people

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Queer iceberg: more than meets the eye. Educate yourself about the whole gender spectrum idea and about the lesser known sexualities in the asexual or bisexual umbrella categories

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Support trans women

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I love This. Bc Im V girly in many Ways. I like pink. (To my family is that girly!) love Dolls and teddybears. Love dress' (just not on me) And I love being girly'

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"Some women have penises. Get over it!" [click on this image to find a short video and analysis of gender identity and the way society attempts to police it]

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How To Conceal & Brighten Under Eye Dark Circles