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9 benchmarks to test your social work decisions against each day | Community Care | the 9Cs framework is a tool that can help social workers make the best judgements they can. It can help you analyze your interactions in a number of ways, including what is working well, what isn't happening, what the cause of problems might be and where solutions might lie.


Born to lead? A load of cod. All of these traits are learnable and practice-able. Most people whom we think of as 'born to lead' were really born to priviledge that means their early lives gave them lots of opportunities to learn how to lead. Polemic over.


Design a Personality: Building Rock-Solid Character Traits

Creating a character? Get out your writer's toolbox because it's time to build the basis of a personality. What with? Trait theory. |


strangelanguage: “36 Conspiracy Theories That Turned Out to be True 1.MK-ULTRA The CIA administered drugs to, and practiced mind control on Americans without their consent, with the goal to control...

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Genetic Memory: How is it found in biological perspectives?

Migration- " The movement of individuals between populations" (Johnson, 268) Migration can strongly impact the evolution of the species as it brings in new characteristics into the population from individuals that then goes on to become predominate in that population, or individuals with certain traits leave a population which means that trait will possibly die out in that population eventually.