It seems to me, love could be labeled poison and we'd drink it anyways. ~Atticus

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I don't believe in "love", it's not real. I have finally come to accept it. I only believe in love of my family and how close we are (like, family kind of love) and one other person that is close to my heart, but that's it and I'm not letting anyone else become close to me...

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Icarus fell in love with the sun. He loved her so much that he was offered a pair of wings to join her. He wore these wings and flew, but they were wax, and when he flew too close, they melted and he fell to the earth and died. - Ella A beautiful but tragic love-story

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Life - so learn and Love On with Positive Love. If it's not positive, it's not Love...

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I hate this feeling so much...deep pain because you thought they cared about you as much as you did them, and you thought there was a chance...but all of the sudden they are gone :'(

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