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Riefa Lightweight Living roofs

Riefa boards are a new type of green roof substrate. They are a hi-tech fibre board made from organically grown and sustainable natural resources, including rye flour and tree bark. There are some other ingredients in there too, but forgive me if, for reasons of commercial confidence, I don’t expand on them here. But rest assured they are innovative and do what the designer intends.


William Garvey Japanese style Ofuro bath in teak,


My dream is to have a Japanese style bathroom which I think is a much wiser use of water while still being luxurious and pampering. Before you soak in the deep tub, you wash and scrub with a shower head on a small stool so the tub water stays sparking clean and can be saved.


Horsetrailer conversion - Nice work - - To connect with us, and our community of people from Australia and around the world, learning how to live large in small places, visit us at


Contemporary Finnish sauna by construction company Kannustalo | KANNUSTALO - Suomen kauneimpia Koteja


The Byron Summerhouse is near 10’ tall at it’s highest ( 2.99m) and 12’ 7” square (3.84m.) including the Patio deck. Available to purchase as self-assemble or they will assemble it for you on-site.