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Traditional Japanese House

Asian traditional style Traditional Japanese House these roofs are very functional. You can see the curved tiles on the roof and the layered roof

A traditional Japanese house complete with sliding doors everywhere. A great way of maximising space.

Irori - Japanese traditional open fireplace sunken in the surface of the wooden floor; hearth around the fireplace 囲炉裏

Japanese Tatami living corner with storage under the Tatami (Sunken storage)

The grass tatami mats help to control moisture levels in the dining area and hide inbuilt sunken storage boxes beneath. Image by Angela Keoghan

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Architecture Ideas, Cool Japanese House Plans And Concept Ideas In Sketches: Interesting Traditional Japanese Style House Design Ideas For Your Dream Home

Traditional Japanese house interior. It's so open and in harmony with the nature.

love architecture and japan or are you just curious what a traditional japanese home is like versus just the manga? Check out these featured areas of a japanese home to see what real and what's not.

Traditional Japanese House Design with Stunning Forest

The pavilion, containing the largest rooms, stands open during the summer months. The dining room features a recessed floor beneath a table designed by the Longstreths and often used for traditional shabu-shabu, cooked in a Chinese copper ”hot pot.

Japanese water garden.  Love the look of this but I would be worried about being eaten alive by mosquitos if I had one here!

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Ao pensar em casa japonesa, logo vem a nossa mente aquelas moradias típicas de filmes como Era Uma Vez Em Tóquio, O grito, entre muitos, ou mesmo aquelas vistas em animes como Samurai X, Inuyasha, Tenchi Myuo, Naruto e etc. O que claramente se nota é a presença de alguns elementos como o Ofurô e os tatames. Mas o preenchimento do espaço interno de uma moradia japonesa vai muito além disso... Clique aqui e saiba mais! More

Casa Tradicional Japonesa e Seus Elementos

Reminds me of our recent trip to Japan. Stunning simplicity in construction and gorgeous, secret courtyards like this are so dreamy in traditional Japanese homes!