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Italian Pizza Dough

A traditional Italian Pizza Dough recipe using Tipo 00 Pizzeria Flour for a light and airy crust with a crispy exterior for the ultimate pizza experience |

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Top 10 Best Italian Recipes

Top 10 Best Italian Recipes including one for cannoli. I have never made cannoli's. Think I'll try this recipe for holiday dinner dessert. YUMMY

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Salvatore Elefante's traditional sfogliatelle recipe has the characteristic many-layered seashell shape of the classic Neapolitan pastry, along with the rich semolina and ricotta filling. These Italian pastries are often known as 'lobster tails' in reference to their shape.

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Chocolate and hazelnut cake (Torta gianduia)

Gianduia is a speciality of the Piedmont region and it’s a mixture of ground hazelnuts and chocolate, now mostly seen as Nutella.

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Chocolate Peanut Butter Yoghurt Popsicles

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Cheesy Italian Arancini Rice Balls

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10 of the best pasta and sauce pairings

Take a look at some of the most popular pasta varieties and see which sauces you should be serving them with.

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I love to make chicken Marsala for large parties or family dinner parties. It’s such a yummy treat and everyone seems to love it. You can easily double or triple the recipe. If I’m having a large dinner party I will usually make things ahead of time and refrigerate them.

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