Jonas of Sweden Click and Clean Black Garlic Press by Linden Sweden. $13.95. Eliminates the challenge of cleaning a traditional garlic press!. Jonas of Sweden Click and Clean Black Garlic Press. All-in-one garlic press ~ Easy to clean with just a click and a rinse!. Self-contained cleaning spikes help facilitate removing any remains from inside the grid.. Jonas of Sweden Click and Clean Black Garlic Press Clean with a Click! All-in-one garlic press! It flips open ...

I hate traditional garlic presses but they are good to have around. This looks so much better though. ^_^

My favorite garlic tool! Bigger tastier pieces then with a traditional garlic press! Garlic Rocker - Joseph Joseph | Culinary Apple

Easier and more convenient than a traditional garlic press, the Garlic Cube preps garlic in one quick motion. Simply add peeled garlic and press to mince, or flip the cube to use the slicing option. Contents fall neatly into the clear, slide-out bin. When you're done, blade frames snap out for fuss-free cleaning.

Love of Cooking Easy Garlic Press Garlic Chopper on Love of Cooking Easy Garlic Press Garlic Chopper. 1. OUR PROMISE TO YOU - 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - If you have ANY issue with your Love of Cooking Garlic Press for the LIFETIME of the product simply send us a message and we will ship a BRAND NEW garlic press FREE of charge the same day. 2. Love of Cooking garlic press is made with durable BPA-FREE plastic, the unique design makes crushing, chopping and mincing garlic so…

Kuhn Rikon Epicurean Garlic Press / Chef's Arsenal

The Garlic Press Chopper is a simple kitchen gadget that can chop and mince garlic with only a fraction of effort than traditional garlic press. Each garlic press is equipped with two interchangeable blades that chop or mince garlic. -

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