Easy fluffy scones! These are the business - light but with a nice crusty outside

Easy fluffy scones

Easy Fluffy Scones - scone recipe using yogurt dessert-recipes cool-things-future-gifts

A classic Mary Berry sponge recipe that's very easy – you can make it in a food processor in minutes.

Mary Berry’s very best chocolate and orange cake

This is a devilish chocolate cake made by the famous Mary Berry, perfect for those who deserve a real treat.or for those who simply cant resist chocolate!

Basic humous recipe, went down a treat. Will spice up with more garlic next time and maybe some fresh coriander.

The best basic houmous recipe

The Best Basic Hummus recipe.Hummus is proof that some of the best tasting things in life are the simplest to make. It can be rustled up with just six ingredients and requires no cooking – only a food processor.

Truly Authentic Falafel {Beard and Bonnet}

Authentic Falafel

Truly Authentic Falafel {Beard and Bonnet} bake instead of fry, no meat grinder, so use food processor or vitamix

This filling, flavoursome chicken and rice dish is a West-African speciality. Fried plantains make an authentic garnish.

Zoe’s jollof

Rose water flavoured pastry, filled with raspberry and lychee crème, caramelised almonds and fresh raspberries. Equipment and preparation: for this recipe you will need a piping bag, food processor and a flan tin.

5 Minute Pea Pesto - This traditional pesto recipe gets a springtime twist with fresh peas and pea shoots! An easy, creamy pesto sauce perfect for topping pasta, chicken, fish, and more. Ready in just five minutes with your food processor!

Pasta w/pea and basil pesto I added about c parm. cheese and cut back to c oil. Also added 4 sausages crumbled. 1 peas with bunch of basil will be good for a lb of pasta. Meal for 4 people with a salad.

tuna onigiri 1

Wholesome – Onigiri with tuna filling

Onigiri with Spicy Creamy Tuna, Watercress, Sesame Seed & Ginger Filling (Japanese, non-traditional)

Wish I had this hanging in my kitchen. It's probably a good thing I don't. - Hummus made easy, multiple recipes. (X-post r/CookingForBeginners)

Hummus made easy, multiple recipes. (X-post r/CookingForBeginners)

The definitive guide to homemade hummus. From previous pin ~ Hummus is so expensive to buy but SO easy to make! I personally don't like tahini at all and always omit it. Love all these varieties!