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Alex and Graeme Ellisdon's Hertfordshire garden is a swaying mass of tawny grasses, rosy crab apples, rich pink sedum heads and autumn-tinted leaves, where a row of beehives, traditionally kept in kitchen gardens, are used as compost bins. See more in our November issue. #garden #englishgarden #beehive #bench Garden design by Julie Toll, photograph by Mark Bolton.

Espoma Organic Traditions Compost Starter- 4 lb Bag BE4 @

Imagine earning $100,000 per acre on your organic farm. Well, you don’t have to imagine. It’s possible and Paul and Elizabeth Kaiser have done just that on their small 8 acre organic farm in drought stricken Sonoma California. They use 10 times less water than traditional farms, and they produce their own compost, and run …


Take a minute to learn about a Hugelkultur--a German tradition of creating a raised plant bed using decaying wood and compostable materials. An amazing process with benefits that are endless...>

from A Return To Simplicity

How To Find Free Composting Material

Want to start a compost pile, but don't have enough organic matter? Here are some tips for finding free composting material. |

from David Domoney

Top 10 plants for a modern cottage garden

Cottage gardens are having a revival. Annuals and perennials are jostling for attention in riotous borders up and down the country. Plants are spilling over winding paths. But there’s something different about this new wave of cottage gardens. Traditionally, the land around cottages was used as a small farm, designed to grow fruit and veg for

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Old masters at the Ashmolean - in pictures