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Ion Papanoida/Legends

Ion Papanoida was a male Pantoran who lived during the Clone Wars. He was the son of Pantora's chairman, Baron Notluwiski Papanoida, and was the brother of Chi Eekway Papanoida and Che Amanwe Papanoida. Ion accompanied his father to Coruscant, where he and his father spoke with Senator Chuchi about Trade Federation blockade of their planet. He informed her that their were crying out to join the Separatists.


Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds contre-attaque

Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds, love this game trade federation all the way!!!

Apple has been raking it in with this whole “iPhone” thing, so they’ve got some spare change to drop on a shiny new campus. The spaceship is finally looking like it’s almost ready to blast off.

Earth & Fire Crescent Necklace - India