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A Secret Trade Deal So Outrageous That Congress Isn't Even Allowed To Talk About It Publicly

Secret #TPP is bad for #democracy & #ClimateChange solutions: … @350 #NoKXL #Fracking #ISDS #p2


June 21, 2012. Washington. Negotiated in secret but now exposed as a “corporate power tool of the 1%”, TPP grants powers to corporations that supersede all laws and rights of citizens. TPP FTA (TPPA): Trans-Pacific Partnership Free Trade Agreement subordinates nations (and people) to corporations. From VVV Public Relations.


Global Corporations Are Scheming to Take Control of Our Economy — We Can Put a Stop to It Round 2 in the battle to stop the horrific TPP trade agreement begins. Time to correct the failures of globalized trade.

Truth emerges: New analysis shows TPP trade agreement will lead to increased unemployment and inequality -- Society's Child --

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TPP Trade Agreement Slammed For Eroding Online Rights

Obamatrade's Preamble Backs Government Ownership of Business

WHO’S RESPONSIBLE FOR THE TPP? "Trade agreement" gives foreign interests control over America


The United States and 11 other countries have officially reached an agreement in the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP. If you're thinking there is going to b...

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TPP deal 'in best interests' of Canadian economy, Harper says

TPP Trade Agreement Reached: TPP deal protects Canadian jobs, Stephen Harper says

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#TPP Trade Agreement benefits