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Total War: Rome 2 confirmed for September Sega and Creative Assembly has announced a September 3, 2013 release date for their upcoming RTS epic, Total War: Rome 2. - AWESAAAAM!

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WWI -" Rum was a much appreciated part of the frontline ration" - BBC History Magazine, Twitter

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Japanese assault on Fort Arthur, Russo-Japanese War

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The survivors from the Charge of the Light Brigade : 13th Light Dragoons photographed n 1855 by Roger Fenton

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Is one of these brave Tommies your ancestor?

An unknown British Tommy from the 'A' Squadron, the North Irish Horse Regiment, with children watching

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Photos show faces of First World War soldiers on the eve of battle

The never-before-seen images of Western Front troops were uncovered almost a century after they were taken having lay hidden in an attic in a farm house in Vignacourt, northern France.

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