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Lucky Craft Sammy Topwater Lures

Lucky Craft Sammy Topwater Lures | Bass Pro Shops: The Best Hunting, Fishing, Camping & Outdoor Gear


Rapala X-Rap Jerkbait 10 Fishing lure (Gold, Size- 4) by Rapala. $8.94. The adrenaline-pumping X-rap slashbait has Xtreme attitude with its hard-cutting, aggressive darting action. The integrated long-casting system partners with an irresistible rattle and classic rapala action. Weighs .4375 Oz. It suspends and comes to a roll at rest to trigger the bite. Running depth: 3-8 feet. The adrenaline-pumping X-Rap slashbait has Xtreme attitude with its hard-cutting, aggressive darting...


Arbogast Jitterbug G650 Bull Frog Well respected as the topwater lure for night fishing, the Arbogast Jitterbug has proven its power to ignite explosive strikes throughout the day. The Jitterbug’s double cupped lip, placed at precisely the correct angle, produces the loud, rhythmic, surface-busting sound that is proven to be irresistible to every know surface feeding fish…especially bass.

Jimmy Houston's weekly fishing tips - How to use Heddon Zara Spook topwater lure! - (More info on: https://1-W-W.COM/fishing/jimmy-houstons-weekly-fishing-tips-how-to-use-heddon-zara-spook-topwater-lure/)

Topwater Redfish in Pine Island Sound

Redfish are known to aggressively chase topwater lures and watching them eat one is incredible! Check out this video from Pine Island Sound.

River2Sea Bubble Walker

Rapala Countdown Magnum 22 Fishing lure, 9-Inch, Gold Fluorescent Red -- Want to know more, click on the image.

This topwater lure is a big-time fish catcher, especially when faced with breezy conditions.