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Snapchat Just Launched Universal Search And It's About Time

Snapchat may have just launched the most important update ever. Snapchat just made it simple to find other Snapchat users with what they call, "Universal Search", which will be an easy accessibly search bar that will sit at the top of your screen throughout the app.


Wallpaper Wednesday: Etsy Cube Self Adhesive Wallpaper

Blog post at Love Chic Living : Welcome to Wallpaper Wednesday! I recently discovered these great self adhesive wall coverings in my favourite geometric patterns on [..]


Boys, are you kidding me? You have to wait like 5 mins I have to wait until April! Who else is exited for slfl??!


Instagram is currently considered one of the top social media sites with more than 600 million active users. Live-streaming, Instagram and Snapchat marketing, and selling on social media are 3 of the biggest trends in social media marketing for 2016. It doesn't look to me as something that is ending anytime soon. Staying up-to-date on social media trends is very important as it enables you to develop new tactics for promoting brands and increasing sales.

What Is The Red Heart On Facebook? - Wall Status What is the red heart on people's Facebook walls and status messages? Facebook users are posting the heart to spread awareness about breast cancer. Similar to the fruit game on Snapchat not everyone received the key to the game. It's great to see love being spread on a dominant platform like Facebook. Facebook is here to stay. Every year we consider the theory that Facebook is dead. Innovative social media networks like Snapchat are…

Cut Crease: Aprenda a fazer a maquiagem da moda


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