My #1 favourite film ever. It's amazing that a film more about visuals than plot still manages a scene that makes me cry. All designers should watch this.

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One of the scariest movies ever.. I'll never forget when the 1st alien burst from Kane's chest and scooted off squeeling! Eeek!

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AKIRA. I can't really say the movie did justice to the manga. No matter, this is one sci-fic fans should watch. #Codename 28. Love how he forms the DNA spiral using rubble. Can't remember whether the film had that scene though...

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind - writer / director - Steven Spielberg - Stars: Richard Dreyfuss...François Truffaut...Teri Garr

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Big Trouble in Little China(1986)/ / #USAMovie/ 20thCenturyFox/ Director:John Carpenter, Writers:Gary Goldman&David Z. Weinstein(original script), W.D.Richter(adaptation)/ BasedOnAnOriginalScreenplay(1880sWesternSet), #FantasyAction/ 99min/ #Trailer: /✔+

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Mēness (oriģ.Moon) 2009.g., IMDB 8,0, rež.Duncan Jones. Tu zini kurp iet, ja tev kaut kur ir mājas. Tu domā kurp iet, ja tev māju nav. Bet ko darīt ja nav tevis paša?

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Avatar movie poster by James Cameron with Sam Worthington, Zoe Saldana, and Sigourney Weaver. Estéticamente una preciosidad.

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